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Assassin's Apprentice: The Cursed One

The assassin never speaks of his past. Never gives one clue as to what he may have done, or what he may have seen. Not a single sentence. Not a single word.
He never speaks of the fact that he watched his entire world burn before him, that his people fell to the wrath of King Daarinek. That all he loved was destroyed.
And he never speaks of the horrible monster that the cruel king sent after him...
But he remembers. He will always remember.

All you need to do to get this thrilling YA fantasy eBook is tell me where to send it.

Preview:The Buzzing Man
It began with a dream, I suppose. Before that it was a blur of childhood memories, and afterwards a blur of fear and pain. But that dream, that dream stood out. It was a strange dream. One that had an eerie and creepy atmosphere about it, yet felt strangely calm and tranquil at the time. All I can remember was a man… or perhaps it wasn’t a man. It was impossible to tell. Maybe it was a celestial being, a s…

The Self-taught Writer

To begin, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Morgan Clasper, I'm soon to turn 19, and I was homeschooled/unschooled for the vast majority of my school years. I’ve lived in New Zealand for the past 10+ years (plus one year in Australia), and on top of that I’ve moved more times than I can count. (But that’s not because of the homeschooling!)
Over the last four years or so I’ve been dabbling quite extensively in multiple different areas of what some might call “creative expression”.
For example, I’ve just finished writing a massive 114k word fantasy novel, and that’s right on the back of two years composing orchestral music. Before that I ran a blog for one and a half years about religion, science, and philosophy.
My music has been used in countless YouTube videos, including gaming content (one of which with 100k views), a cooking video (50k views from a channel with 300k subscribers), several compilations, and even a motivational MMA video with 200k views. My music has also be…