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Assassin's Apprentice: The Cursed OneLost in the mountains, only death awaits…
Hidden from the world, where giant eagles soar, Marc makes his way thieving from the nests. With his apprenticeship nearly over and his future planned out, everything is ready for his perilous initiation – to fight one of the great birds and pluck a feather from its neck. 
But when everything he knows is destroyed by the armies of a cruel king, Marc is forced to flee for his life into cold and desolate mountains. Will he escape the wrath of the king, or will he succumb to the terrible beast sent after him?
If you like danger-filled escapes and nightmarish creatures, then you’ll love this thrilling fantasy novella!
All you need to do to get this thrilling YA fantasy eBook is tell me where to send it!

Preview:The Buzzing Man
It began with a dream, I suppose. Before that it was a blur of childhood memories, and afterwards a blur of fear and pain. But that dream, that dream stood out. It was a strange dream. One t…

The Self-taught Writer

Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Morgan Clasper, I’m nineteen years old, and I was homeschooled for over nine years. I’ve lived in three different countries and moved more times than I can count. (But that’s not because of the homeschooling!)

In the last 12 months I’ve written more than 340k words, including a massive fantasy novel and the beginning of a trilogy. That’s right on the back of two years composing orchestral music and a further one and a half running a blog.

I’ve had my music used countless times on YouTube videos and other small projects. Some of which have up to hundreds of thousands of views. While blogging I published 250 posts about religion, science, and philosophy, and it brought in over a hundred visitors a month.

And I did all this without any formal training.
Why am I telling you this? (it’s not to brag, honest!) It’s because I’m completely self-taught. 

And you can be too. 
How? Simple. Everything I’ve done I learnt directly from my own research.

I’ll fo…